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Trade and Company Law

At dh Abogados we provide full and personalized advice on trade and company law for all the needs trading companies and other legal organisations may have from the very beginning of their business life, at the time of their creation, until the extinction of their legal form, going along, step by step during the entire company life searching solutions for all the legal needs that may appear.

Our expertise covers all the possible aspects of trade and company law such as consultancy related to the corporate structure and an optimised management of the company, complete legal advice for corporates, and moreover, consultancy during corporate restructuring processes, legal and fiscal audits (“Due diligence”), company reorganization during pre-bankruptcy situations, fusions, acquisitions, activity contributions, split ups, dissolutions and liquidations, setting-up of trading companies, etc.

We also take care of the secretary of trading companies and provide full legal advice on the board of directors, the drafting of trading documents, board of directors and shareholder’s assembly minutes, contracts with the delegate advisor, the drafting of shareholder agreements, shareholder loans, shareholder contributions and trade contracts in general, consultancy in matters of the creation of corporate statutes, compositions of legal documents in matters of the retribution of managers and directors, etc.

We also provide advice in matters of banking law and bankruptcy law, taking charge of the drafting of all communications addressed to court about the initiations of negotiations prior to the demand of a voluntary agreement with creditors (“pre-agreement with creditors” as stipulated in article 5 bis of Bankruptcy law), the composition of proposals prior to the agreement, consultancy during the negotiations with creditors, request of agreements with creditors and consultancy during the legal processing, possible bankruptcy incidents, etc.

Administrative law

At dh abogados we are specialised in administrative law being our expertise focused on advising public and private administrations in matters of administrative contracting, management models within public services, contract files, public contracts, public-private collaboration models, drafting administrative tenders, administrative concessions, public contract appeals, legal advice on administrative records in matters of activity permits, noises, administrative penalty procedures, demolition orders, consultancy and drafting of expropriation files, appraisal, consultancy on special sectors, administrative appeals against decisions of the public authorities as well as administrative matters with the request of, when advisable, precautionary and very precautionary measures and any other situation related to this kind of public right.

Property and urban planning law

We are specialised in full legal advising services for both individuals and corporates intervening also before the courts of justice in all kind of matters related to property and urban planning law such as the consultancy and follow-up of processes regarding the approval of land planning instruments as well as everything related to its encumbrance to individuals and companies, drafting of construction and land planning documents, advice on the development of any construction action based on land-use attribution, advice on planning permission: construction, parcelling, advice on planning infringements and penalties.

We also provide consultancy in matters of assets liability files of the public administration, hidden faults and construction faults related to the purchase of property, collaborating on this purpose with specialized and well-known architects, submission of files before the regularization of the land registry, advice on the purchase of property assets in accordance with our own methodology which provides our clients a higher agility during the purchase processes, maximum legal certainty, a better optimization of tax obligations and costs savings thanks to more efficient techniques allowing lower fees.

Civil, family and inheritance law

Our lawyers are experts in family and inheritance law for both extrajudicial negotiations and legal procedures, having large experience resolving these kind of conflicts.

We provide advice on the negotiations and drafting of marital agreements, divorces, regulatory covenants, etc. We also offer consultancy in matters of successions preparing a plan to optimize taxing obligations throughout inheritance agreements subject to moral rights; we plan and process all inherited successions, payment of the related taxes, etc.

We also provide our clients advice on all kind of obligations and contracts within civil law, being specialized in giving advice on and the composition of private-law contracts such as agreements of purchase and sale, lease and other real rights as purchase options, surface, usufruct, easements, consultancy on mortgage lending, foreclosures and banking law in general, consultancy related to community of goods and suppression of condominiums, etc.

Tax law

We provide full consultancy services to both companies and individuals in tax matters from national and international tax planning up to consultancy related to frequent tax obligations.

We provide accountancy services as well as fiscal advice on corporate restructuring processes and assets purchase and selling operations, fiscal advice on corporate taxes, income taxes, inheritance taxes, VAT, local taxes and special taxes by means of tax orientation and preparation for every circumstance and moment whether it is on a monthly, trimester or yearly basis; making and setting-up informative and recapitulative statements and annual summaries (VAT, IRPF, corporate…), corporate tax analysis and preparation of annual accounts, fiscal audits; making and preparation of intracommunity models and intrastate, payment of local and autonomic government taxes and fees, telematics submission of taxes; certification collection in fiscal matters, personal representation before public organizations, individual consultancy services for information of all kind, etc.

We also provide advice in matters of tax law by means of legal and fiscal advice before taxation inspections, requirements before the tax authorities, composition of pleadings related to inspection procedures as well as administrative appeals against the agreements of the tax administration.

Assets management

We manage and administrate personal or family assets including in our practice an individualized and personalised fiscal planning in order to optimise all taxable charges arising from its maintenance and foreseeing possible disinvestments. We provide full legal consultancy services on all matters related to the management of assets, whether it is property lease, purchase and sales, company creation, financial activities, etc. We offer advice on investments determining the means and/or optimal structure from a legal and fiscal point of view; we manage all administrative documents, financial investment consultancy by means of highly specialized collaborators in different countries offering our clients full and personalised advice independently from where the assets are located.